About Us

www.spa-adviser.com is a platform owned and operated by
Super Massive White Hole DWC LLC a UAE registered company under License Number 3616

Super Massive White Hole DWC-LLC takes innovative ideas and develops them into successful business ventures.

Super Massive White Hole (SMWH) is a team of seasoned investors who are entrepreneurs and executives with backgrounds in the wellness and technology industries. Our brand is based on the principle of white holes—celestial bodies that transform matter into energy. In the same way, we aim to use our resources, knowledge and expertise to energize technology companies and propel them to be market leaders. 

Our investments focus on companies with technology products that connect and democratize services, providing a platform for customers to receive exceptional service and products from a variety of service providers. We are passionate about building cross-border business infrastructure through connectivity and the proliferation of mobility. Besides investing capital, SMWH works with global legal, technology, business and financial partners to support our ventures. 

www.spa-adviser.com is a platform owned and operated by Super Massive White Hole DWC LLC, a UAE registered company under License Number 3616.


Spa Adviser is dedicated to helping our customers securely browse, select and pay online. We understand just how important it is to keep your information safe.

Spa Adviser follows a strict privacy policy that outlines data security, collection and sharing procedures. This policy includes a promise that Spa Adviser:

  • Does not share your email address with third parties.
  • Encrypts financial data and passes the information to the secure payment gateway for processing.
  • Does not sell or share your individual information to third parties.

Our technology team works hard to ensure that your data is kept secure during each step of your application. Spa-Adviser partners with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi and PAYFORT to ensure that we are meeting highest standards of cyber-security.

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi - NBAD is rated senior long/short term AA-/A-1+ by S&P, Aa3/P1 by Moody’s, AA-/F1+ by Fitch, A+ by R&I Japan and AAA by RAM Malaysia, giving it one of the strongest combined rating of any global financial institution.

PAYFORT Payment Gateway – Highly secure payment processing- Please read more on Payfort Security here

All payments on your checkout page are done through SSL connections to encrypt credit card numbers and customer account information.